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tree of life superstring theory part 18

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The Tree of Life (עץ החיים) is the geometrical representation of Adam Kadmon (אדם קדמון), or 'Heavenly Man.' It is the universal paradigm or blueprint for all holistic systems, whether terrestrial or extra-terrestrial. As a tree grows from a seed, so the Tree of Life develops as a series of 10 emanations, or Sephiroth — the 'Divine Qualities.' The first Sephirah is Kether (Crown), God in His primordial subjectivity, the eternal state of divine unity transcending duality. Chokmah (Wisdom) is God's creative energy, not yet governed and therefore restricted by laws or principles. Binah (Intelligence) is the reaction to the divine, creative impulse, where the possibility of limitation arises, giving rise to the idea of an ontological distinction between subject and object and a rational relationship, or 'logos', between them. The Supernal Triad of Kether, Chokmah and Binah, which express the subjective, transcendental aspect of God (the triple Godhead, Trinity, or 'trimurti' of Shiva, Brahma & Vishnu in Hinduism,) is separated by the 'Abyss' of Daath (Knowledge) from the seven objective, Divine Qualities. Called the seven 'Sephiroth of Construction,' they express God's immanence in His Creation. The last Sephirah, Malkuth (Kingdom), is the outer, sensory form that the Tree of Life takes in the manifestation in the physical universe of a holistic system.

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