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Tetragrammaton tetractys tree of life

(Tetragrammaton+tetractys+(tree of life)+(fingerprint of god)):

The 11 tetractys encodes the tetractys tetragrammaton tree of life which encodes the fingerprint of god:

Enneagram=(star tetrahedron)=(tree of life(E8xE8))=tetragrammaton=tetractys=(120-cell)=(infinite dodecahedron star fractal)

(Infinite dodecahedron star fractal)=infinite:(3,6,9)


(64 tetrahedron grid=E8)=(metatrons cube)=(fruit of life)

(64 tetrahedron grid)=(8 tree of life's)

(64 tetrahedron grid)=(73 sephiroth)


(Fingerprint of god)=(star tetrahedron)=(seed of life)

(Fingerprint of god)=(enneagram)

Dodecahedron=(star tetrahedron)=(infinite dodecahedron star fractal)=(infinite(star tetrahedrons))=(infinite tetrahedron grid)

(Fruit of life)=(star tetrahedral tetractys(cosmic tetractys))=super strings:


If you turn the triangles in a small bit of the big tetractys including the 3 blue triangles you get 28 dots the 7 tetractys which is the cosmic tetractys

The crown of the tree of life is where god goes to infinity and it becomes the crown of the 8 tree of life's in the 64 tetrahedron grid

the center of the fingerprint of god is the number 5 on the tetractys and is the moste magnetic part of the tetractys if its made out of magnets

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