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Outer creation of the Kathara grid/12 Tree grid

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Figure H

In each of the God-World’s Outer Creation (i.e. 1D to 5D), it exhibits itself as a network of cubistic matrices comprised of Omega’s Substance factor that consists of subatomic particles of matter as Particum exhibiting itself as holographic magnetic fields within a cubistic matrix that comprises the physical aspect of Creation. Middle Creation (i.e. 6D to 8D) exists as branches of expansive interdimensional monads that diversify the expressions of the physical aspect of Outer Creation based on the intellectual aspect of Inner Creation.

In 3 dimensional vector space, Outer Creation is comprised of infinite outer fractal expansions of Metatron’s Cube deriving from The Flower of Life as depicted in 2D by figure H. Each outer fractal expansion of the cube results in 6 adjacent cubes attached to each of the 6 faces of the original cube that form a cross along with an outer cube encapsulating the 7 inner cubes. The edges exhibited by the network of outer expansions of the cube that derive from the 3rd and 5th dimensional frequencies of Outer Creation form the grids in which the particles of Particum attach themselves to in groups existing at the same location that comprises each of the vertices of a polyhedron grid where the vector that exists between a pair of Particum across 2 adjacent vertices exhibits a magnetic field that allows for the effect of matter manifesting itself in a solid state. This grid known as a cubistic matrix encompasses the structural foundation behind Sacred Geometry.

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