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Elohim as Aleph

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

El-ohim which is the name of God, in its Hebrew form start off with the letter aleph. The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, aleph(א) is a very important letter, it is comprised of 2 other Hebrew letters one of them being another important letter because it is the first letter in the Hebrew bible/Sacred texts. These 2 letters combined together forms a shape that looks like a snake eating it's own tale which symbolizes the torus(a double seed of life) which encodes the star tetrahedron tetractys/Fruit of life/Metatrons cube/64 tetrahedron grid.

The Hebrew alphabets are said to come from a flame which is symbolised by letter yod(Which corresponds to Virgo in the Hebrew zodiac) which has the value 10(10=1=Zero point/God source) which corresponds to the tree of life(10 sephirot)/tetragrammaton/tetractys and the tetractys is encoded in the seed of life which is made up of 7 circles (7 days of creation) which corresponds to the 7 sephiroth of construction(Hexagonal yod). The flame corresponds to the Empyrean which is the singularity, flames(fire) can be created by lightning which is related to the lightning bolt(Gods consciousness/energy) through the tree of life that created existence and the value of the pathways the lightning bolt takes is 777 and 777=21 and the 21st triangle number is 231 which is related to the 231 gates which looks like the E8 lie group(64 tetrahedron grid) which is the structure of the superstring(UPA/Torus) and E8 is made up of 168 roots, if a day is 24 hours long(Why 24, because the prime number cross and the repeating 24 Fibonacci numbers) then 7 days(seed of life)=168(7:24), The lightning bolt through the tree of life is the vibrational dimensions being created.

The Trinity represents the number 111 and the 111 pattern also represents the top 2 lines of the tetractys/tetragrammaton, Pascal’s triangle and sirpinskis triangle and the Flower of lifes/infinite tetrahedron grids(shown below) are singularity's according to my research and my x and y equation, also the 111 pattern is encoded in the seed of life:

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