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Looking at the 13 sephirot tree at different angles.

Using the fractaling square to form the kathara/12 tree grid you notice it only forms the first 10 points, it has to be doubled/quadrupled to get the 12 points, so using this 10 tree grid we can merge two of them together, like we merged two kabbalistic trees of life(10 tree grid), to form a 13 sephirot kabbalistic tree of life based on the kathara.

Note: The tree of life(10 tree grid) is formed out of the fractaling square, the square=4 and the tree of life, which is the 10 spacetime dimensions, is the tetractys=10=1+2+3+4 showing the connection between the square/4 and tree of life. The hexagon of the tetractys is equal to 12 showing the 12 vibrational dimensions are built on the 10 spacetime dimensions which can be seen when the 10 tree grid/fractaling square is doubled/quadrupled to form the 12 tree grid, the doubled fractaling square also forms the vector equilibrium, in 3D, which is 12 spheres around 1 and is the seed of life/hexagon in the tetractys.

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