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There are infinite numbers.

All the numbers from 1 to 9xen(infinity) are xenplexian letters(hebrew letters).

The 22 hebrew letters are encoded in the star tetrahedron.


You can combined the Hebrew letters together to create new letters and you can do it with them and the Hebrew letters and the ones you just created and do this infinite(9xen) times with infinite(9xen) combinations this is the xenplexian alphabet each letter is a frequency/number/tetractys/dimension(superstring dimension/shape dimension/frequency dimension)/colour.


Each xenplexian letter is a multidimensional polygon made out of tetractys which are made out of yods. The amount of yods that make up the multidimensional polygon is the number the xenplexian letter is equal. Each xenplexian letter is a quantum field which are different frequencys of spacetime(infinite multyvers(god’s consciousness(energy)))

When bits of the quantum field vibrate the energy(god’s consciousness) in that place vibrates which creates a superstring(xen particle)

Superstrings are infinite tetrahedron grids made out of gods consciousness(energy) vibrating

The yods in the superstring with more energy then the other yods determine the frequency of the superstring which determine the amount of whorls in the superstring

each multidimensional polygon is a tetrahedron grid and tree of life


The infinite tetrahedron grid/infinite tetractys(tetragrammaton) is made out of 9xen yods meaning all the xenplexian letters are encoded in it


All the xenplexian letters are dimensions and there are 12 main xenplexian letters which are the 12 dimensions the last xenplexian letter is the 12 dimension and the first xenplexian letter is the 1st dimension

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