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everything is made out of light and light is encoded in this structure:

fruit of life

The flower of life encodes the fruit of life/Metatrons cube/64 tetrahedron grid which encodes two star tetrahedron which are formed out of the (Krystal-)Padovan-Fibonacci spiral and these star tetrahedrons encode all harmonics which form(/are) all vibrational dimensions and these vibrational dimensions fractal out of each other, waves fractal out of each other, because the higher vibrational dimensions are constructed(made) out of higher-dimensional shapes, the 3rd vibrational dimensions is constructed out of a 3D infinite tetrahedron grid which (is one of the faces of/)makes up the 4D infinite tetrahedron grid which constructs the 4th vibrational dimension and this happens all the way to the infinite-dimensional shape which constructs the 12th vibrational dimension where the fractal completely unifies and becomes a "singularity". The singularity separates into infinitely many parts, so infinite singularities, when it fractals and these singularities are the points of the infinite tetrahedron grid they are the spheres of the flower of life, these waves/dimensions fractal infinitely and because of that some of these waves AKA quantum fields, fields encoded/contained in other fields is how this fractaling works, these spheres are actually toruses and these toruses are ringularites of the "singularity" black whole and these ringularites are energy loops and they join together to form quantum loop fields AKA quantum fields and when one quantum loop vibrates it becomes a superstring geometric torus wave AKA a UPA.

Energy=(/has/encodes)information=numbers=geometry so this fractaling tetrahedron grid is an infinite sea of energy which fractals therefore the UPAs are geometric torus waves in an infinite sea of conscious energy and this energy/light is God. The lightwave fractals, waves fractaling out of each other from the singularity God source zero-point. The Prime Numbers Cross can be turned into a torus and as I have shown it surrounds the negative numbers which are the singularity so a torus expanding out of a singularity.


a superstring is a 64 tetrahedron grid and is made out of energy and the energy is the 64 tetrahedron grid structure and the 64 tetrahedron grid encodes phi which makes sense because the superstring is the size of the planck length.

the size of the planck length is phi(1.618) and the energy of the planck length is 10^19 and the size of a superstring is the planck length and the atom is 10^25 times bigger then the planck length and the atom is made out of energy so the amount of energy it is made out of is 10^25:

  • energy of planck length:10^19

  • energy of atom:10^25

  • amount of planck length in atom:10^25


So the energy of a atom is (10^19)x(10^25)=(10^44) and there are 10^80 atoms in the observable universe so the amount of energy making up the observable universe is:

  • (10^80)x(10^-25)=10^55



This is the number that Nassim Haramein fount, i don't remember calculating this for my website but i may have got it from a video with Nassim in it.



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