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tree of life superstring theory part 24

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The two sets of the first six polygons enfolded in each overlapping Tree of Life have 386 yods. As the topmost corner of each hexagon coincides with the lowest corner of the corresponding hexagon enfolded in the next higher Tree of Life, there are 384 yods per set of the first (6+6) polygons enfolded in each Tree. Of these, 48 are corners, leaving 336 yods. The (60+60) polygons enfolded in 10 overlapping Trees of Life have 3360 such yods that are not corners. This is also the number of yods other than corners in the Type B dodecagons enfolded in 10 Trees of Life.

The two sets of 1680 yods (one set the mirror image of the other) symbolize the 1680 circular turns in an outer and an inner half of one revolution of the 10 whorls of the UPA observed by the Theosophists Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater (see here). The 10 whorls of the UPA are the physical manifestation in the subatomic world of the 10 Sephiroth. Each whorl has 10 space-time dimensions mapped by the 10 Trees of Life. Each circular turn is a circularly polarized wave formed by the supposition of two plane waves of equal amplitude whose oscillations are 90° out of phase. Another way, therefore, of interpreting the two mirror-image sets of 1680 yods is to regard them as denoting two orthogonal plane waves, each with 1680 oscillations. The information about the nature of each whorl that is encoded in the first six enfolded, Type A polygons is also embodied in the dodecagon when it is Type B. This is because this polygon — like the first six polygons — is a Tree of Life pattern in itself and therefore contains the same information about the form of the microscopic Tree of Life. The 24:168 division of each set of six enfolded polygons into the 24 corners associated with each set of 35 tetractyses and their 168 associated yods is a characteristic feature of sacred geometries. It is intrinsic to holistic systems (see The holistic pattern).

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