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superstring theory tree of life part 31

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

YAH (יה) is the shorter form of YAHWEH (יהוח), the complete Godname of Chokmah, the second Sephirah. Its gematria number value is 15. As

152 − 1 = 224,

15(152−1) = 15×224 = 3360 = 153 − 15.

This is the number of turns in one revolution of the 10 whorls of the UPA and is a superstring structural parameter that this website demonstrates is embodied in sacred geometries. The equation shows how YAH prescribes how many circularly polarised oscillations take place in each revolution of the 10 whorls of the superstring. Their five revolutions comprise (5×3360=16800) turns. This superstring structural parameter can be represented by a five-pointed star with each point consisting of a 15×15 array of the numbers 15 arranged in a parallelogram, the 1120 (=10×112) numbers outside the centre of the star adding up to 16800. 112 is the number value of Beni Elohim ("Sons of God"), the Order of Angels assigned to the Sephirah Hod.

The outer halves of the five points of the star generate the number 9000 (=90×100) and the inner halves generate the number 7800 (=78×100). 78 is the gematria number value of Cholem and 90 is the number value of Yesodeth, the two words that make up Cholem Yesodeth, the Kabbalistic name of the Mundane Chakra of Malkuth:

The 600 15s in the red outer halves of the 5 points of the star add up to 9000 = 90×100; the 520 15s in the blue inner halves of the points add up to 7800 = 78×100. 78 and 90 are the gematria number values of Cholem and Yesodeth, the words making up the name of the Mundane Chakra of Malkuth.

The geometry of the 5-pointed representation of the superstring structural parameter 16800 naturally distinguishes between the gematria number values of these words. The UPA is par excellence the micro-physical manifestation of the Mundane Chakra of Malkuth.

YAH prescribes the superstring structural parameter 1680 in the following way: in mathematics a "highly composite number" is a positive integer that has more divisors (including 1) than any positive integer smaller than itself. The sequence of highly composite numbers starts:

2 4 6 12 24 36 48 60 120 180 240 360 720 840 1260 1680 2520 5040 ...

The number 1680 is the 16th highly composite number. However, 2, the smallest, highly composite number, has only the trivial divisors 1 and 2. The number 1680 is therefore the 15th highly composite number that has non-trivial divisors. 15 is the number of combinations of four objects. As 1680 (=24×3×5×7) has 40 divisors, where 40 = 4×(1+2+3+4), we see how the Tetrad determines this number.

YAH also arithmetically prescribes the dimension 496 of SO(32) and E8×E8 as the sum of the squares of 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15.


12 + 22 + 32 +... + 152 = 1240,

4960 = 4×1240 = 22(12+22+32+...+152) = 22 + 42 + 62 +... + 302,

i.e., the number (4960) of space-time components of the 496 gauge fields of these two symmetry groups, which were discovered in 1984 to be the two possible symmetries of superstring forces that are free of quantum anomalies, is the sum of the squares of the first 15 even integers.

The number 4960 can be represented by a Cross pattée whose four arms are triangular arrays of the integers 1-15:

We see that the Godname YAH arithmetically determines numbers that quantify both the 3-dimensional structure of E8×E8 heterotic superstrings and their unified forces. It demonstrates yet again that a deep connection exists between the gematria number values of the Godnames and the structural parameters of the superstring paranormally obtained through remote viewing by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater. Given that this connection extends to the number 2480 associated with one of the two symmetry groups of superstring forces, as well as to the numbers 496 and 4960 associated with both groups, it is implausible in the extreme for a sceptic to dismiss these properties as merely coincidental.

According to the quantum mechanics of spinless 1-dimensional strings (so-called "bosonic strings"), space-time has to have 26 dimensions in order to preserve causality, i.e., commutivity of the operators representing an observable measured at two points in space-time separated by a time-like interval. The number 26 is the gematria number value of YAHWEH (יהוה), the complete Godname of Chokmah:

YAHWEH prescribes the dimensionality of the space-time of bosonic strings and YAH (its first two letters) prescribes the 15 compactified dimensions beyond the 11 dimensions of space-time predicted by M-theory.

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