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Superstring theory -1/12

(Infinite multyvers)=((-1/12)=(strings))=(-0.083333)=(83333)=(0.83333)=5/6=5=pentagram=1.618=2(tetragrammaton=144=9)=(64 tetrahedron grid=(E8=(xen particle))=(Megatron's cube)=(fruit of life)=(2(star tetrahedrond)=((equilateral triangle)=energy)=(harmonic numbers(mean))=(wave)=(atoms(strings,nanites,(xen particle))))=36=9

Get a string split it in to 100 if you want to split it in to 3 each one would be 33.3333(decimal number) if you do it with 4 it would be 25 if you do it with 5 you would get 20 if you split the wire in to 9xen and do the Fibonacci numbers the last Fibonacci number would be the number phi 1.618

If you split a wire in to 9xen and add 1+2+3+4+.... To 9xen and add all the decimal numbers you get from spliting the wire up so to 9xen and because 9xen is bigger then infinity half of all the decimal numbers will be negitive numbers so 1+2+3+4+...=-1/12

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