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Tree of life superstring theory part 53

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The table displays the 15 polygons formed by the 60 vertices of the disdyakis triacontahedron that surround an axis passing through two opposite C vertices (these are vertices of a dodecahedron). When the polygons are Type B, 76 corners of their sectors & unshared vertices of the polyhedron surround the centre of the polyhedron. This shows how YAHWEH ELOHIM, the Godname of Tiphareth with number value 76, prescribes this polygonal pattern. The six red internal sides of the central hexagon are also sides of internal triangles generated by joining the centre of the polyhedron to its vertices. This sharing applies only to the hexagon because none of the other polygons lies in the planes of internal triangles with the centre of the polyhedron and its vertices as their corners. The second column indicates the number of sides of the triangles making up each polygon. The hexagon has 30 such sides, of which (30−6=24) sides are unshared with these internal triangles. ELOHA, the Godname of Geburah with number value 36, prescribes the 15 polygons because they have (76+294=370=37×10) corners & sides, where 37 is the 36th integer after 1. They also have (294+180=474) corners & triangles, where 474 is the number value of Daath. The number of corners/vertices & triangles = 76 + 180 = 256 = 44, showing how the Tetrad expresses this property. Surrounding the centre of the disdyakis triacontahedron are 550 geometrical elements in the 15 polygons and in the polyhedron that are unshared with one another. This is the number of SLs in the Cosmic Tree of Life.</p> </p>That this is not a coincidence is demonstrated by the remarkable facts that:

These properties are the counterparts of the 299 SLs in the 49-tree mapping the cosmic physical plane and the 251 SLs in the remaining 42 Trees that map the 42 subplanes of the six cosmic superphysical planes (see Maps of reality/Cosmic Tree of Life). Just as we saw there that, together with the root edge, the seven polygons in one half of the inner Tree of Life encode the 49-tree mapping the cosmic physical plane because they are composed of 299 yods and that five of the seven polygons in its other half encode the remaining 42 Trees of the Cosmic Tree of Life because they comprise 251 yods, so we now find that half the polyhedron maps the cosmic physical plane and its remainder maps the cosmic superphysical planes! The conclusion is inescapable: through the 15 polygons formed by its vertices, the disdyakis triacontahedron is the polyhedral representation of the physical and spiritual cosmos. It is, truly, a whole, for each of its geometrical elements corresponds to an SL of the Cosmic Tree of Life that maps all levels of reality. This amazing property is analogous to the 550 points, lines & triangles that compose the faces of the five Platonic solids when they are divided into their sectors (see here). It is also analogous to the 550 hexagonal yods in the faces of the dodecahedron when its faces are Type B pentagons (see here).  </a></a>

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