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Tree of life superstring theory part 65

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Another piece of evidence for the holistic nature of the 144 Polyhedron as the Yang aspect of the Polyhedral Tree of Life is the fact that, when its 144 faces are tetractyses, there are 504 yods surrounding an axis passing throuh any two diametrically opposite vertices that line the 216 sides of the 144 tetractyses. This is the number of yods that surround the centre of a dodecagon with Type C triangles as sectors. The number 504 is also the number of yods that surround the centre of a heptagon with 2nd-order tetractyses as its sectors. It plays a significant role in how all levels of reality are mapped by various sacred geometries (see Maps of reality/Sri Yantra). The central yod or axis of sacred geometries such as the 144 Polyhedron represents the physical universe — the axis of the complete cosmos — physical and spiritual. The number 504 quantifies all its superphysical levels.As well as the 506 yods that line the edges of the tetractyses in the faces of the 144 Polyhedron, there are 144 hexagonal yods at their centres. (144+506=650) yods create its outer form. This is the number of yods in 65 tetractyses. ADONAI (אדני), the Godname of Malkuth signifying the outer form of the Tree of Life, has the number value 65 (see Table). Here is a remarkable demonstration of how each Divine Name prescribes those properties of any sacred geometry (not necessarily just the Tree of Life) that express the metaphysical meaning of its corresponding Sephirah.

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