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Tree of life superstring theory part 69

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Superstring theory predicts that space-time has ten dimensions. Suppose, therefore, that each dimension is represented by an overlapping Tree of Life. Then let each triangle be turned into a tetractys. Counting from the bottom of the lowest Tree, there are 248 red yods up to Chesed of the fifth Tree and another 248 blue yods up to (but not including) Chesed of the tenth Tree. Kabbalistically speaking, the ten Trees are a complete representation of the ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. The ten dimensions of space-time are the physical manifestation of this cosmic blueprint. The 5:5 division of the ten Sephiroth is responsible for the direct product nature of the superstring gauge symmetry group E8×E8 because the 248 red & purple yods as far as Chesed of the fifth Tree symbolize the 248 roots of E8 and the248 blue yods above it as far as Chesed of the highest Tree symbolize the 248 roots of the second group E8. The Godname EL prescribes this division of the 496 yods into two equal sets of 248 yods because Chesed of the fifth Tree (the half-way point) is the 31st Sephirothic level (SL) and 31 is the number value of EL.</p>The first Tree of Life contains 80 purple yods. This is the number of Yesod, meaning "foundation," which is appropriate for the lowest Tree in the Cosmic Tree of Life. This means that there are 168 red yods above it to the 31st SL. The division:

248 = 80 + 168

is characteristic of holistic systems embodying the number 248. For example, comparing the {3,7} tessellation of the Klein Configuration on the 3-torus with the Tree of Life, we found inArticle 43 that, with single tetractyses as their faces, the four triangular prisms and six square antiprisms that can be joined together to form a 3-torus are composed of 56 tetractyses with 248 yods that are made up of 80 corners & centres and 168 hexagonal yods (see Fig. 15 in Article 43).  </a>

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