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Tree of life superstring theory part 87

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

An octagon whose sectors are tetractyses contains 49 yods. This is the number value of EL CHAI ("God Almighty"), the Godname of Yesod. The centre of the Type C octagon is surrounded by 336 yods.* Weighted with the number 10 (Decad), the 672 yods surrounding the centres of the two Type C octagons that are part of the inner Tree of Life generate the number 6720. This is the number of edges of the 421 polytope. When they are Type B, the two octagons have 240 yods surrounding their centres.** This is the number of vertices of the 421 polytope. Can it be coincidence that both the number of vertices and the number of edges of the 421 polytope are embodied in consecutive types of octagons? Of course not! Instead, it demonstrates how the Godnames of the Sephiroth constitute powerful, mathematical archetypes that determine through sacred geometry and number the very nature of the divine paradigm that underlies the E8 symmetry of the superstring forces forming the physical universe.The physical significance of the Decad in this context is that it refers to the 10 whorls of the UPA. The 336 yods surrounding each Type C octagon denote the two sets of 336 plane wave components of the 336 circularly polarised waves in each revolution of a whorl, the weight 10 assigned to them indicating that this oscillatory pattern is repeated in all 10 whorls.As

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