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Tree of life superstring theory part 95

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

there are

  1. 240 yods other than Sephiroth in the 1-tree constructed from Type A triangles (see a). They comprise the 72 yods in its trunk & root (see here for their definition) and 168 yods in its branches;

  2. 240 yods on the boundaries of the two separate sets of the seven enfolded polygons (see (b)). They comprise 72 black yods at corners and 168 red hexagonal yods (see here for further discussion);

  3. 240 hexagonal yods on the faces of the first three Platonic solids whose sectors are tetractyses (see (c)). They comprise 72 black yods in the faces of half the tetrahedron and half the octahedron and 168 red yods in their remaining faces (see here for further discussion);

  4. 240 vertices, sides & triangles surrounding the centre of the 2-dimensional Sri Yantra (see (d)). They comprise 69 vertices and the three sides of the central triangle, i.e., 72 geometrical elements, and 168 sides & triangles that surround the central triangle (see here for further discussion);

  5. 240 hexagonal yods in the 60 faces in each half of the disdyakis triacontahedron when each face is a tetractys (see (e)). They comprise 72 black hexagonal yods, which are either at centres of tetractyses or on the equator when its plane is perpendicular to an axis passing through two diametrically opposite A vertices, and 168 red hexagonal yods on the 84 edges either above or below the equator (see here for further discussion).

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