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Tree of life superstring theory part 105

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The (7+7) enfolded polygons contain 444 hexagonal yods when their 94 sectors are tetractyses (see here). (444−94=350) hexagonal yods line their sides. The dodecagon has 48 such yods, so that the two enfolded dodecagons have (46+46=92) such yods outside the two hexagonal yods in the root edge. (350−92=258) hexagonal yods line the 129 sides of the (35+35) sectors of the first (6+6) enfolded polygons, where 129 is the number value of YAHWEH SABAOTH, the Godname of Netzach.

The n-tree is the lowest n Trees of any set of overlapping Trees of Life. It has (16n+9) Paths. They are the sides of (12n+7) triangles. When the latter are turned into tetractyses, the number of hexagonal yods lining their sides = 2×(16n+9) = (32n+18). Eight hexagonal yods in each Tree (indicated in the diagram as black yods) lie on its two side pillars. They coincide with the eight hexagonal yods (also shown as black) on four vertical, internal sides of four tetractyses in the two hexagons belonging to the inner form of each Tree, so that 8n hexagonal yods of the n-tree are shared with the 14n polygons making up its inner form. The n-tree has (32n+18−8n=24n+18) hexagonal yods on sides of its (12n+7) tetractyses that are intrinsic to it.

Using the formulae given above, (8×10=80) black hexagonal yods in the 10-tree are shared with the (14×10=140) polygons that make up its inner form, where 80 is the number value of Yesod, leaving (24×10 + 18 = 258) intrinsic red hexagonal yods on the 169 sides of the 127 tetractyses. But, as we found above, this is the number of hexagonal yods that line the 129 sides of the 70 tetractyses making up the first (6+6) enfolded polygons! The latter, therefore, embody the number of hexagonal yods on sides of tetractyses in the 10-tree that are not shared with them. This encoding of a property of the 10-tree in the first (6+6) enfolded polygons is remarkable but not unexpected, for, both being holistic structures, they have analogous properties that are prescribed by the Godnames. For example, the 10-tree has 65 SLs and the 35 sectors of the first six enfolded polygons have 65 sides, where 65 is the number of ADONAI, the Godname of Malkuth. The number 258 is prescribed by YAHWEH SABAOTH because it is the 129th even integer.

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