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Tree of life superstring theory part 107

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The seven enfolded Type A polygons of the inner Tree of Life contain 264 yods. They comprise 47 hexagonal yods at the centres of their 47 tetractys sectors and 217 yods that line their 88 sides. The topmost corner of the hexagon coincides with the lowest corner of the hexagon that is enfolded in the next higher Tree. 216 boundary yods are intrinsic to each set of seven polygons that is enfolded in successive Trees of Life. 216 is the number value of Geburah. Four yods lie on the root edge. An endpoint of the root edge and one hexagonal yod on it can be associated with either set of polygons. This means that there are 214 yods associated with each set that are intrinsic to it and line its 47 tetractys sectors. They comprise the 10 corners of the dodecagon outside the root edge, the 48 red yods on the 24 sides of its 12 tetractyses that are associated with it and 156 coloured yods on the sides of the first six enfolded polygons (including one endpoint of the root edge). 155 of these coloured yods are outside the root edge, showing how ADONAI MELEKH, the Godname of Malkuth with number value 155, shapes their 35 sectors. The two sets of six enfolded polygons constitute a holistic subset of the complete set of (7+7) polygons, being prescribed by the Godnames of all the Sephiroth (see Article 4).

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