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Tree of life superstring theory part 110

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

There are 36 yods (12 black corners & 24 red hexagonal yods) on the sides of the triangle, where 36 is the number of ELOAH, the Godname of Geburah. 36 yods (12 corners & 24 hexagonal yods) line the sides of the dodecagon, whilst the seven enfolded polygons have 36 corners (12 corners of the dodecagon & 24 corners of the first six enfolded polygons). Because the dodecagon is holistic in itself, these two 12:24 patterns are counterparts of each other. The 36 corners of the seven enfolded polygons include: 1. the two endpoints of their root edge, 2. the right-hand corner of the triangle, which coincides with Chesed of the outer Tree, and 3. the top and bottom of the hexagon, which coincide with, respectively, Chokmah and Netzach. There are, therefore, 31 corners outside the root edge that are intrinsic to the inner Tree of Life. They correspond to the 31 corners of the 30 1st-order tetractyses in the triangle whose sectors are 2nd-order tetractyses.

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