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Tree of life superstring theory part 124

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

A parallel exists between the 3-dimensional Sri Yantra and the seven enfolded regular polygons of each half of the inner Tree of Life. The central triangle in the Sri Yantra comprises three corners, three sides & one triangle, whilst the four sets of triangles consist of 84 corners, 126 sides & 42 triangles, that is, 252 geometrical elements. Including the central point, there are 260 points, lines & triangles. Compare this with the fact that the seven enfolded polygons have 260 yods outside the root edge when their 47 sectors are turned into tetractyses. As a corner of the triangle is the centre of the hexagon and as a corner of the pentagon is the centre of the decagon, only five of the centres of the seven polygons do not coincide with their corners. They are shown in the diagram as black yods. The outer corner of the triangle and the top and bottom of the hexagon coincide with Sephiroth on the Pillar of Mercy of the Tree of Life. They, too, are denoted as black yods. The eight black yods that are either only centres of polygons or located at Sephiroth correspond to the eight geometrical elements in the central triangle and central point. The remaining 252 coloured yods correspond to the 252 geometrical elements in the Sri Yantra that surround them.

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