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tree of life superstring theory part 141

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Surrounding the centres of the 8 Type B triacontagons are 240 vertices and 3360 yods (1680 yods in each set of 4 triacontagons). A helical whorl of the UPA comprises 336 turns per revolution. All 10 whorls comprise 3360 turns per revolution (1680 per half-revolution). Each set of 4 triacontagons embodies the number of turns in an outer or inner half-revolution of the 10 whorls. As they are the Petrie polygons of a 600-cell, it suggests that the two 600-cells (a smaller one inside another) are responsible for the outer and inner halves of the UPA, the 120 each generating half of the 240 E8 gauge charges carried by an E8×E8' heterotic superstring that is a singlet state of E8'.

The counterpart of this in the inner form of 10 Trees of Life are the 3360 geometrical elements in the (70+70) enfolded polygons that are unshared with the outer form of these Trees, i.e., the 3360 elements that are intrinsic to their inner form.

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