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tree of life superstring theory part 142

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The Godname EL (אל) of Chesed, the first Sephirah of Construction, with number value 31 prescribes a triacontagon because its 30 sectors have 31 corners. The letter value 1 of the letter alef (א) denotes its centre and the number value 30 of the letter lamed (ל) denotes its 30 corners. A Type C n-gon has 28n corners, sides & triangles surrounding its centre (14n corners & triangles, 14n sides). Surrounding the centres of the 8 Type C triacontagons are (8×30×28=6720) geometrical elements. The set of 4 red triacontagons contain 3360 geometrical elements, as do the 4 blue tricontagons. A set of 4 corresponds to either the 40 red Type C polygons in the inner form of 10 Trees, which have 3360 sides of triangles, or the 30 blue Type C polygons, which also have 3360 sides of triangles.

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