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Padovan Fibonacci spiral, Dimensions, Kathara grid and E8 Cubistic matrix

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

The Golden root of 432 and the number 168:

The Golden root of 432:

Before we talk about the golden root(phi root) of 432 lets talk about 432.

432 already has connections to phi because it has connections to sacred geometry as shown in many other posts and in some pages on this wiki and it has connections to vortex maths since its equal to nine. 432 forms what I would like to call the Golden rays because it forms a wheel shape which forms the infinite fractal fruit of life which forms the vibrational dimensions and the Golden rays form the star tetrahedron which is formed out of two Fibonacci(phi) spirals.

  • Golden root of 432=33.6

33.6 also shows up when you look into other sacred numbers which we will go into in a bit but first lets look at 1133's connection since 432 forms the 4 octaves which form the tetrahedron grid fractal which is encoded in the infinite fractal fruit of life and 1133 forms the 64 tetrahedron grid and other sacred geometries related to it so how are 33.6 and 1133 related? Well, we showed this ages ago:

  • √1133=33.6

So lets move onto 33.6 and the sacred numbers related to it.


33.6 is related to 336 and 336 is encoded in sacred geometries related to and encoded in superstrings(E8) and half of 336 is 168 which is very important because it is strongly related to superstrings and is the number that is the bases to Stephen M. Phillips work which is merging Kabbalah and string theory and 168 is strongly related to 3, 6 and 9 relating it to vortex maths and it is related to the numbers 7 and 8 relating it to the 64 tetrahedron grid and relating it to the many sacred geometries related to 7.

Some other interesting connections related to 168 are Robert Grant's constant which is 1.68 sowing that 168 is encoded in geometries which Robert Grant has discovered.

Padovan Fibonacci spiral, Dimensions, Kathara grid and E8 Cubistic matrix:

Within the Fibonacci sequence when forming it out of circles it forms a doubling sequence since some numbers have to repeat and this doubling sequence could be the reason as to why the Fibonacci spiral forms a doubling sequence which forms a triangle(Which forms numbers equal to 3, 6 and 9) and it could also be the reason as to why it forms the doubling sequence which forms the Kathara grid and as we know this forms the vibrational dimensions. We have to double the triangle to form the star tetrahedron which encodes all vibrational dimensions and we have to double the star tetrahedron and when we do we form the fruit of life/Metatrons cube/64 tetrahedron grid.

The Kathara grid is formed out of and forms the star tetrahedron(Each triangle formed out of a Fibonacci spiral) and the star tetrahedron can be formed out of the Fibonacci spiral. Why does the Fibonacci spiral form the triangle? The Padovan sequence is the reason why because the Padovan sequence forms triangles which encodes the Fibonacci spiral and the Padovan sequence is formed out of the Trinity.

The 10 spacetime dimension/12 vibrational dimension tree of life is formed out of the vesica pices(Which can be expanded to form the flower of life/cubistic matrix) and as we know the vesica pices which forms the doubling sequence also forms the vibrational dimensions when it fractals(The more vesica pices in the vesica pices the more dimensions it forms this could link into how dimensions are encoded in higher dimensional shapes) and since we doubled the triangle to form the star tetrahedron we can double the vesica pices this means we have doubled the circles which forms the prime number cross and this doubles the Kathara grid(forming the cubistic matrix) so all vibrational dimensions are encoded in this geometry.

Since the double vesica pices forms 2 Kathara grids i thought what if i overlayed 6 kathara grids to form 12 circles and to form something like the cosmic tree of life and i overlayed it over the double star tetrahedron(Because i wanted to create a 64 tetrahedron grid out of Kathara grids) since they both repersent the 12 vibrational dimensions and when i did i noticed something very interesting because 6×12=72 so there are 72 spheres/sephirot and the Kathara grid has 28 pathways so 6×28=168 so overall there are 168 pathways and there are 72+168(240) roots of the E8 lie group(8 Dimensional 64 tetrahedron grid)

There are actually 49 spheres/sephirot and 49=7:7=19:91 and this shows another connection between this geometry and the 64 tetrahedron grid because the 64 tetrahedron grid when each tetrahedron is encased in a sphere to form a 3D flower of life(Cubistic matrix) has 84 vesica pices and the cosmic tetractys is made up of 84 points and the cosmic tetractys corresponds to(is the) cosmic tree of life which is made up of 91 tree of life's.

As you can see in the magnet diagram there are 28 sephirot(28 magnets) making up a tree of life and one Kathara grid corresponds to 13 of the magnets and as you can see i was able to overlay 3 Kathara grids(Trinity) over the magnets(Which formed 27 sephirot) and there are therefor 84 pathways(28 for each Kathara grid) so this shows an interesting connection between 12, 13, 15, 28, 45 and 84 and when we double this to form the diagram i made above we get 56 which as we have seen(creates the 19:91 correspondence) corresponds to the 64 tetrahedron grid.

As shown in 120-cell and Cubistic matrix the Cubistic matrix can be turned into the 120-cell which is interesting because the 120-cell can be derived from the E8 lie group.

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