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12, 21, 28, 64, 144, 168 and 441 and there relationship to the pentagram and phi

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

There are 12 main vibrational dimensions and 144 sub-vibrational dimensions so I imputed 12 and 144 and got 5 lines showing a connection between the 12 vibrational dimensions and the number 5 which makes sense since the 12/15 vibrational dimensions can be separated into 5 HU's/5 Kabbalistic worlds. 4 of these lines can correspond to 3 dimensions each and the 5th can correspond to the last 3 and this shows the 12/13 sephirot/sphere correspondence.

I also reversed these numbers since 21 and 441 form the 441 cubistic matrix and 231 gates and the 231 gates/hebrew alphabet correspond to the 3×3×3 cube(27). When I did impute 21 and 441 I got a pattern of 40 lines and I could form the prime number cross and the prime number cross corresponds to 12 lines and that leaves 28 other lines and this shows a correspondence to the 10/12 tree of life and a correspondence between 27 and 28.

Next I decided to look at phi(1.618) and 64 because the 64 tetrahedron grid's higher dimensional form is the E8 lie group which is based on dodecahedron which is made up of pentagrams anyway the tetrahedrons making up the lower dimensional E8 geometry are Planck length/phi sized(each line making them up are the size of phi) when I did enter 64 and phi I got a pentagon! showing a new correspondence between the 64 tetrahedron grid, phi and the vibrational dimensions!

If you remember from months ago I showed how the 64 tetrahedron grid corresponds to the 7 star tetrahedron tetractys so I decided to enter the numbers 64 and 28 and when I did I got a star tetrahedron! And as we know the number 28 is related to the numbers 84 and 168 which are both related to the E8 lie group superstring and then I decided to enter phi and 168(number of roots of E8) and when I did I got another pentagon! This also shows the correspondence between 5 and 6!

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