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64 Tetrahedron grid E8 String theory

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Welcome to 64 tetrahedron grid E8 string theory! This is Dimensional consciousness, I'm LC(Female, LC Cherubim) I created this website to publish all the information I have and I run this website along with LC(Male, Kyle) who helps me research and publish on this website, I also created the Xen qabbalah wiki which goes deeper into the research and information on this website.

The research/information on this website builds upon the merger of string theory and Kabbalah and Stephen M Phillips work, some posts on this website are from other websites and some of them are from Stephen M Phillips website, linked on the homepage, which I seriously suggest you check out!

To understand this website you may want to check out the Xen qabbalah wiki linked above, Explaining Xen qabbalah in more detail and/or the following video:

If you want to know how my research began check out this discussion on my wiki!


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