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18 tree grid

The seed (of life), 6 as 1, 6 surrounding 1, the 7 sephirot of creation, when it expands forms 12 circles corresponding to the 12 tones in an octave and the tetractys, the hexagonal yod of the pascals triangle tetractys is equal to 12, the hexagonal yod is the 7/seed of life and in 3D it can either be a cube(istic matrix(flower of life)), which is formed out of the 10/12 tree grid, or the vector equilibrium which is the 12(12 tree grid) surrounding 1(the zero(0) point), the 12 circles surrounding the seed AKA 1, 12 as 1, the center of the seed, the central circle is 0 so 0=1=6=12, this to me looks like the beginning of a Binary-Trinary sequence, also 12 in 1=1/12 and 1+2+3+4+...=-1/12, the origin of the 5 and 6 connection is 10/12=5/6. The first circle being 0, the center, is where the fractal "starts" and the golden spiral("a perfect Fibonacci spiral") expands out of it forming the first 10/12 tree grid and the star tetrahedron, the tree of life can be represented as a double cube and this would form 12 sephirot out of the 10, the 3D (Auric) tree of life as I have shown before has 16 sephirot and looks like the double cube, due to its structure, with 4 central sephirot causing it to look like two hypercubes with two additional cubes so all the sephirot in the tree of life are cubes meaning the tree of life has 18 sephirot making it a 10/12 tree of life, this also means the entire cubistic matrix/flower of life is made up of sephirot, 18=6:6:6=star tetrahedron. One hypercube and one cube joined together, half of the tree, can encode a octahedron so two octahedron are in this tree and they can form the inner structure of two tetrahedrons, forming a star tetrahedron, encoded in a bigger cube which is this tree doubled(quadrupled since its 3D), 8 tetrahedrons are also encoded in each hypercube meaning we can form 8 star tetrahedrons out of both hypercubes meaning we can form the 64 tetrahedron grid out of the tree.

"Octave Doubling is found in the primary structure of the Aether. It is found in the isotropic vector matrix (tessellating tetrahedra & octahedra)(tetrahedron grid fractal) and the cosmic octave hierarchy. It is found in the structure of music and the electromagnetic spectrum. It is found in the 64-based (8-octave) nature of binary digital systems. It is also found in the octave-based growth of the chemical periodic table of elements."

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