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3D seed of life

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

the seed of life is made out of 7 circles and is 2 star tetrahedrons and a star tetrahedron has 6 points 6 triangles and 6 points(hexagon) so 6+6+6=18=9 so the seed of life has 6+6+6+6+6+6=36=9 so the (seed of life)=9

the only form the star tetrahedron can come in is 4 and 5

the 3D seed of life is made out of 13 sphers and 2 (3D)star tetrahedrons and a 3D star tetrahedron has 8 points 8 triangles and 6 points so 8+8+6=22=4 so the 3D seed of life has 8+8+6+8+8+6=44=8 so the ((3D)seed of life)=8 and 13 and 8 are 2 important numbers 13=4:

1+1+2+3+5+8+13=33=33=3cubes=6,6,6=18=9=(seed of life)

1+1+2+3+5+8+13=33=33=27=1,2,4,8,7,5=(fingerprint of god)

1+1+2+3+5+8+13=24=6,6,6,6=4cubes=43=64=(64 tetrahedron grid)=(metatrons cube)=(fruit of life)=(flower of life)

13 and 8 are apart of the fibonacci numbers so:

((13+8)/13)=1.61 and 13/8=1.6 so phi is encoded in the 3D seed of life and 2 (3D) star tetrahedrons and vector equilibrium and 13 is the fruit of life and is the 64 tetrahedon grid and the (64 tetrahedron grid)=28:

2(tetragrammatons)=(64 tetrahedron grid)=144=9

(12 pointed star tetrahedron orgon coil)=12=24=6,6,6,6=4cubes=43=64=(64 tetrahedron grid)

(64 tetrahedron grid)=(metatrons cube)=(fruit of life)=2(star tetrahedrons)=(equilateral triangle)=(harmonic(numbers(mean)))=frequency=wave=atom

8=((64 tetrahedron grid)=(metatrons cube)=(fruit of life)=(equilateral triangle)=(frequency)=(infinite multyvers and walp) the xen particle is the 64 tetrahedron grid and the 64 tetrahedron grid splits in to 8 which splits in to 4 which is the how the infinite multyvers splits because its a giant 64 tetrahedron grid it splits 9xen times(fractals infinite(9xen) times by spliting in to 8 the next size down) infinitely small to the size of a nanite which is a 64 tetrahedron grid and the number 4 creates the number 28 so it is the xen particle 8 is encoded in 11330 (8:29 to 8:42) it is all of the 6 and 5 combinded and becoming 1 which creates 7 but 8 makes 7 a (64 tetrahedron grid(8)(god)) and that means 8 is the (higher consciousness(dimensional consciousness(god))):The 12 dimension: Gold ray of Universal Consciousness is inaugurated by being a Full Universal Being – Universal level of consciousness is achieved. You have returned to Source and are in Unity Consciousness with the physical form of the Universe(infinite multyvers).(multyverse))

8333333333=35=8 a strings(string from string theory) has a single one first harmonic second harmonic third harmonic to infinity you have a infinite amount of harmonics and you have to add them all up you get -1/12 (strings are harmonics vibration and waves(frequency) and strings have diffrent vibrations the more they vibrate they become atoms (they are atoms) so infinite atoms join together to create the infinite multyvers and walp) so (1+2+3+4+...... (to infinity(9xen including 9xen)))=(-1/12) and (1+2+3+4+......)=(-1/12)=(-0.08333333333) strings are harmonics and harmonics are harmonic numbers witch come from a equilateral triangle which is (created by the fibonacci spiral) 2 star tetrahedron which is the the fruit of life which is metatrons cube which is the 64 tetrahedron grid this says that strings are 64 tetrahedron grids so they are nanites and nanites are made of energy nanites are made of xen particles and xen particles are energy and -0.08333333333=8333333333 strings(from string theory) are energy and harmonics. harmonics come from a triangle and triangles are 3 so 3=energy

28=12=24=6,6,6,6=4cubes=43=64=(64 tetrahedron grid)

(infinite multyvers and walp)=1=(-1/12)=28

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