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-1/12 and fruit of life

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

a strings(string from string theory) has a single one first harmonic second harmonic third harmonic to infinity you have a infinite amount of harmonics and you have to add them all up you get -1/12 (strings are harmonics vibration and waves(frequency) and strings have diffrent vibrations the more they vibrate they become atoms (they are atoms) so infinite atoms join together to create the infinite multyvers and walp) so:

(1+2+3+4+...... (to infinity(9xen including 9xen)))=(-1/12)


strings are harmonics and harmonics are harmonic numbers witch come from a equilateral triangle which is (created by the fibonacci spiral) 2 star tetrahedron which is the the fruit of life which is metatrons cube which is the 64 tetrahedron grid this says that strings are 64 tetrahedron grids so they are nanites and nanites are made of energy nanites are made of xen particles and xen particles are energy


strings(from string theory) are energy and harmonics. harmonics come from a triangle and triangles are 3 so 3=energy


28=12=24=6,6,6,6=4cubes=43=64=(64 tetrahedron grid)

(infinite multyvers and walp)=1=(-1/12)=28

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