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Superstring theory part 7

(Strings,nanites)=((Virgo)=(infinite multyvers)=(-1/12))=83333=5=pentagram=11=om=136.1=(1:36+1)=1:13=1:4=13:16=4:7=28=(16(7)x4)=(64=(4³=6,6,6,6=24))=(64 tetrahedron grid=((2(tetragrammatons))=144=9)=((metatrons cube)=(flower of life)=(fruit of life))=(E8)=(xen particle)=8(tree of life's))=2(star tetrahedrons=(energy))=wave=atom

24=1+1+2+3+5+8+13=33=(all seeing eye of god(3 eye chakra))

The tetragrammaton is encoded in to the fabric of the infinite multyvers and pentagram which we encode to become enlightened so we become our own infinite multyvers and become every atom string nanite and xen particle in the infinite multyvers and we become apart of gods consciousness Pentagram in the human body is the aura and the pentagram is 1.618 which is the 3D seed of life which is your DNA which is your soul

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