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Cubes Tetractys tetragrammaton 10 dimensions superstring theory

((Tetragrammaton)+(tree of life))=Tetractys((10 dimensions)+(triangle numbers))=2³+2³+2²=26=222=2³=12=dodecahedron


  • ((64 tetrahedron grid)=E8=(2 tetragrammatons)=(8 tree of life's)=((metatrons cube)=(fruit of life)=(flower of life)))=(wave+energy)=((xen particles),nanites,strings,atoms)

  • (64 tetrahedron grid)=(-1/12)

  • (Wave+energy)=((xen particles),nanites,strings,atoms)=(infinite multyvers)

  • If a cube has 6 sides then (2 cubes(2³))=6,6=12

  • If you get 8 cubes and put them together to make a bigger cube its length is 2 cubes so 2 its width is 2 cubes so 2 and its height is 2 cubes so  2 so (8 cubes)=2x2x2=2³=8

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