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Tetragrammaton dodecahedron atoms

If we add all elements atomic numbers(a atomic number is the number of protons that the atom is made of and the that atom is the element) up that make up (Que Sera) you get 922(basicly all the elements that make up Que Sera's atomic numbers added up):

(Que Sera)=922=5⁴+5³+5³+3³+3²+3²+2¹

The property's of Que Sera are:

  • Que Sera is linked to the megaforces that created our multi-dimensional universe and which still drive cosmic evolution

  • Extremely high and yet deeply earthy vibrations

  • Assistance you attune to the akashic record

  • Restores the body's cellular and energetic structure 

  • Que Sera is made of a energy I called sacred geometry dimensional energy(s.g.d.e) that the DNA absords and activates your DNA and the s.g.d.e also makes the crown chakra,soul star and stellar gateway chakra pentagrams

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