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64 tetrahedron grid metatrons cube fruit of life E8 tetractys tetragrammaton superstring theory


(-1/12)=(64 tetrahedron grid)=pentagram

(64 tetrahedron grid(2 tetragrammatons(tetractys(8 tree of life's))))=E8

Tetractys((tetragrammaton)+(10 dimensions)+(tree of life)+(triangle numbers))=god

(64 tetrahedron grid(flower of life))=(metatrons cube)=(fruit of life)


strings have a single one first harmonic second harmonic third harmonic to infinity you have a infinite amount of harmonics and you have to add them all up you get -1/12 so (1+2+3+4+....=-1/12)  all harmonics are encoded in a equilateral triangle: 

Equilateral  triangles are energy and waves and strings are 64 tetrahedron grids made out of energy in the form of a wave and 3 strings join together to create a bigger wave which is a atom 

(Xen particle)=nanite=string

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