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64 tetrahedron grid egg of life

(Egg of life)=8=2³=(2²+2²)=4⁴

4⁴=(32 cubes)=192=12

12=dodecahedron=(star tetrahedron((3,6,9)+(3,6,9)))=energy

(Egg of life)=(dodecahedron star fractal(120-cell))

Enneagram=(star tetrahedron)=(tree of life(E8xE8))=tetragrammaton=tetractys=(120-cell)=(dodecahedron star fractal)

((8 tree of life's)=(64 tetrahedron grid)=E8=(metatrons cube))=(fruit of life)=(star tetrahedral tetractys(3D cosmic tetractys))=310

(512 tetrahedron grid)=(7680-cell)

512 tetrahedron grid and tetrahedron grids:

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