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Multidimensional polygon infinite tetrahedron grid superstring

Superstrings(infinite tetrahedron grid) are energy which is gods consciousness and the kugleblits and make up a giant infinite tetrahedron grid(infinite multyvers)

The 0 dimension is a singularity and is infinity and is every frequency  and is the kugleblits

(0 dimension)=singularity=yod

Singularity with singularity's inside it(curled up dimension getting curled up  more becoming a singularity)

The infinite tetrahedron grid/kugleblits/multidimensional polygon is spacetime(superstring curve)

The negative dimensions are made out of singularity's inside a big singularity which creates a multidimensional polygon made out of yods and a yod is a infinite tetrahedron grid (superstring(kugleblits(gods consciousness)))

The singularity's are the cureld up dimensions

the negative dimensions are the nonphysical positive dimensions

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