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64 tetrahedron grid,7 tetractys,5 tetractys

(64 tetrahedron grid)=2(5 tetrahedral tetractys)=2(5 tetractys)

(64 tetrahedron grid)=(5 tetractys)=(tree of life(12 sephiroth))

(64 tetrahedron grid)=((7 tetractys)=(5 tetractys))

(5 tetractys)=pentagram

The 5 tetractys can be made with triangles and the bottom row will have 7 triangles so if you put a dot in the center of each triangle you will have 7 dots then you can add 6 dots a both in the 4th row and do that until you have 1 dot at the top and you will have the 7 tetractys so the 5 tetractys encodes the 7 tetractys:

(5 tetractys)=(7 tetractys)

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