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11 Dimensions of the brain and the structure of the universe

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

The 3rd dimension is made out of 3D infinite tetrahedron grids(superstrings/xen particles) the 4th dimension is made out of 4D infinite tetrahedron grids so the higher dimensions are made out of higher dimensional infinite tetrahedron grids(infinite fractal/dimensional E8 lie group) this structure is a Morphogenetic field. This structure is made out of xen energy which is consciousness which corresponds to The Seven Planes of Consciousness and Matter and the 12 frequency dimensions(which is encoded in the infinite fractal fruit of life which is the shape of this structure and each dimension is a multidimensional polygon which are encoded in the infinite fractal fruit of life and the dimension the polygon corresponds to is made out of that polygon) which corresponds to the Tree of life which corresponds to the 10 dimensions of string theory.

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