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1 dimensional infinite curve superstring fractal membrane/fractal waveform infinite tetrahedron grid

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

The number 1/999999999999999999999998999999999999999999999999 is equal to the decimal that has the first 24 Fibonacci number within it and if you reduce and add up these 24 fibonacci you get the number 108, if you add up all of the 9's and the 8 in the fraction you get the number 431, if the 8 was a 9 the value of it would be 432, if the value of the triangle number equation is 431 then: 28.8640937201*((28.8640937201+1)/2)=431 This shows that the number 28(well close to 28) which constructs the 64 tetrahedron grid also constructs the value for the number 108, 432 and the 24 fibonacci numbers. 28 is the 7 tetractys which corresponds to the 2D 64 tetrahedron grid because 84 is encoded in the 3D 64 tetrahedron grid and 84 is the 7 tetrahedral tetractys. the number 84 encodes the number 444 which is also equal to 64: 84=444=64 3 Fibonacci spirals(24 fibonacci numbers) create a triangle that encodes all frequencies and when there all added up you get -1/12, this triangle corresponds to the tetractys/tetragrammaton which is equal to 72 which is equal to 1:12 which is -1/12, when the tetractys/tetragrammaton is doubled you get the star tetrahedron tetractys which is the fruit of life, the fruit of life can be constructed out of 2 star tetrahedrons which are encoded in the star tetrahedron tetractys, the value of the tetragrammatons in the star tetrahedron tetractys is 144 which is the number of triangles that make up the surface of the 64 tetrahedron grid. These 3 fibonacci spiral are contained within a sphere with a volume of 0.072, this relates to the number 72 which is the tetragrammaton. 1133=18:53=9:8 9:8=72=1:12 1:12=-1/12=infinite tetractys/infinite tetrahedron grid 1133=642411 642411/8888888=0.072

A superstring is the size of the planck length which is close to the value of phi so when the superstring is a loop it is a circular shape with the circumference of phi. The superstring is a torus which is the singularity of a spinning kugelblitz(black hole made out of light/xen energy) that is a infinite tetrahedron grid with negative volume. The Omniverse is a fractaling infinite tetrahedron grid and the smallest infinite tetrahedron grids are superstrings meaning the Omniverse is a fractaling negative volume black hole this means all of existence is a 1 dimensional point which is the singularity it also suggests that existence is a infinite curve superstring fractal membrane/fractal waveform. These waveforms are planck-scale quantum vaccum fluctuations. The one dimensional point is contained by a torus/sphere with the circumference of phi.

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