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Equation of 137

Updated: Apr 11, 2021


  • 0.00729735256=fine structure constant(1/137)

  • 137(33rd prime number)

  • 666

  • 777

  • 888

  • 3141592=pi(π=3.141592)

  • 1618033=phi(Golden ratio=1.618033)

  • 299792458(speed of light)

Sacred geometry of 3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  • 3×11×47×139×2531×549797184491917×11111111111111111111111=3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333, this number is made up of 15 trinities of 3's and the value of all these 3's is 138 which is close to the number 137, also 15 trinities can also be 15×3=45=1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 which is the 9 tetractys and the trinity is also based off of the numbers 3, 6 and 9(which symbolize the Godhead) which are the points of the tetragrammaton/tetractys/Tree of life/fingerprint of god which contain the 7 sephiroth of construction(Seed of life, The 7 sephiroth of construction construct all multidimensional polygons) which corresponds to the 777(21(3)=231 gates) value of the pathways that Gods consciousness takes through the tree of life which creates the vibrational dimensions, the vibrational dimensions(the higher the dimension the higher the dimension of the sape is that constructs its morphogenetic field) are created by the spin of the morphogenetic field and this spin is the fine structure constant(Which has a value of 0.0072 which corresponds to the Tetragrammaton), also the cosmic tree of life(made out of 91 tree of lifes) corresponds to the 7 planes of consciousness and matter which is comprised of 7 levels, 7 sub-levels, and 7 sub-sub levels, the CTOL also corresponds to the cosmic tetractys which is a tetractys made out of tetractyses and is comprised of 84(12=3) yods(Yod is the letter corresponding to Virgo) and 84(83+1) corresponds to the 84 Vesica piscis in the 3D flower of life that encodes the 64 tetrahedron grid Which is created by the number 444 which is equal to 12(12(3) vibrational dimensions) which corresponds the the 12 tetractys(Which encodes the 512 tetrahedron grid(888)) which has a value of 78(trinity 26(Value of יהוה‬) superstring dimensions(which can be mapped with the CTOL) which create the 3, 6 and 9 triangle(which forms a doubling sequence) which creates the vibrational dimenstons and is created by the fibonacci spiral) and 78=15(15 vibrational dimensions(12+Trinity dimensions)), the doubling sequence(Which forms the Kathara grid) is important because it forms the fingerprint of god which can encode all numbers(which can be created from four 4's, 4444) by reducing them to numbers between 1 and 9 and the doubling sequence is apart of 2(double) times tables(even numbers) and the dimensions are encased in spheres and these spheres are higher dimensional because they have to encase that dimensions morphogenetic field and if you add up all even(all numbers doubled are even) higher dimensional spheres you get e to the power of π and π encodes the pentagram which constructs the dodecahedron which constructs the E8 lie group(8 dimensional shape) which is the higher dimensional 64 tetrahedron grid(this is the shape of the morphogenetic field/quantum field) and when E8 is a multidimensional polygon it is constructed out of hexagonal yods(7 sephiroth of construction), The fingerprint of god/seed of life encodes the tetractys and when the seed of life is doubled it forms a tourus(The prime numbers cross when all its numbers are reduced, forms a torus based on the numbers 3, 6 and 9, the PNC is an 8 fold shape(8th dimension) and it forms a 9 torus(9th dimension)) which is created by the fingerprint of god and the tetracts is also doubled which forms the fruit of life(13=91)/metatrons cube/64 tetrahedron grid.

  • 1234567+7654321=8888888=56(5/6=0.83)=7:8=78, 56 is 28 doubled meaning 56 is the 7-star tetrahedron tetractys and if you remove the 18 yods that are around the hexagon so 56-18 you get 38 and this is if the hexagon is constructed out of yods which have double the value meaning if you half them you get 19:19 and if they don't have double the value and you add the 18 yods back you get 37, the 7 tetractys is the 2D 64 tetrahedron grid, the 12 vibrational dimensions can be separated into 8 star tetrahedrons/seed of life(8×7=56)/tetractys/tetragrammaton/tree of life which construct the 64 tetrahedron grid(444) and this is based off of the value 8 which is encoded in 8888888 and it is the 8 dimensions(Outer creation) that are encased by Virgos womb, the 8th chakra is the higher dimensional version of the 4th chakra and this shows the connection between 444 and the 8th dimension. 1234567=84=64 tetrahedron grid, if the yods in a tetractys have the value of 8888888 the hexagonal yod/7 sephiroth of construction has the value of 62222216 which is 62222:216=14:21=77:777=49:343=16807=24:7=7:24=444=64.

  • 1234567+11111111111111111111111=11111111111111112345678(8th dimension)=15:36, 15:36, 36=2 star tetrahedrons(18+18)=fruit of life, the 36th triangle number is 666, 15 is the 15 vibrational dimensions, 15:36=15:6=15:15, (וירגו=virgo )=225=15:15

  • 1133=23:33=2:333=666

  • 1133+3311=4444(4444 encodes 444 the multidimensional polygon of Virgo)

  • 1133=18:53=9:8=72=1:12(112=56:56)=-1/12=1+2+3+4+...(Infinite tetractys/infinite tetrahedron grid)

  • 3311=19:91=19:19=7:7=49:49

  • 3:13:14:8:4:2:(1+1):((1+1+1):(1+1+1)):(1+1):2:4:8:14:13:3=1:36:1:36=1:37:36=137:36

  • 3:13:14:8:4:2:(1+1):(3:3):(1+1):2:4:8:14:13:3=49:49

  • 19:91, 19 is the reverse of 91 and 19 appears in the equation -5328/83=64.19, also as we know 83 which is related to the 7 tetrahedral tetractys and the infinite tetrahedron grid(-1/12) and 83 reversed is 38 and 19+19=38 and the number 38 encodes the values 144 and 444 because 38 squared is 1444 also 38=(37 yods+1 da'at yod) and as we have seen 37 is an important number and it is also encoded in 137 and 3×7=21 and 21 is also a very important number because it related the 777 value of the lightning bolt of the Tree of life and it also encodes the 231 gates also the number 37 produces 144, -5328/37=-144

  • 1133=642411=18

  • 3311=5483016=27

  • 18+27=1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45(9 tetractys)

  • 19:91=10:10=610(15th fibonacci number), 1+1+2+3+5+8+13+21+34+55+89+144+233++377+610=1596≈56×28=28:28:28=328=84=444

  • 642411/(8888888×10(Tetractys/Tetragrammaton/Tree of life)=0.0072(Fine structure constant)

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