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Kathara grid, 231 gates and 28

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

From a diagram that i have seen the Kathara grid/12 tree grid has 15 pathways which links it to the 15 vibrational dimensions but this is if they are not joined to the 12 sephirot but if they are then there is 28 pathways(from what i have counted) and this is interesting because 28 ir related to the number 7 and 1/7=0.142857 and 142857 encodes the fingerprint of god which encodes the doubling sequence and when the kathara grid is turned into a fractal it forms the doubling sequence and it also forms a spiral that looks like a Fibonacci spiral. Also the trinity 26 dimensions can be the trinity vibrational dimensions which are repersented by 3 Kathara grids and are the 13, 14 and 15th vibrational dimensions and when we do this we form the 3:28 correspondence which creates 84 and the infinite tetrahedron grid which is the infinite tetractys which is formed by -1/12 and 12 being the Kathara grid! the 3 kathara grids also form 45 if it is 15 pathways and have 33 Sephirot and share one sephirot.


44 in base 4(444) is 230, 115 positive charges and 115 negative charges which symbolizes yin yang but it also has neutral charges which can be the line in the middle of the yin yang symbol which separates yin and yang and we create the 231 gates from the 115 positive charges lines+115 negative charges lines+Neutral(1) and yin and yang represent 3 and 6 whilst neutral is 9

The Kathara grid has 6 extra paths then the normal tree of life and if we use 6 of the paths on the inside of the Kathara grid to form a hexagonal yod we can encode the tree of life into that hexagonal yod and as we know the 22 paths of the normal tree of life which are the 22 hebrew letters form the 231 gates.

The 72 roots of E8 encode 396:


This shows the 231 gates which are the 22 hebrew letters encoded in the star tetrahedron are the 72 roots of E8, 231 gates/E8 lie group/64 tetrahedron grid/Metatrons cube/fruit of life/Cosmic tetractys/Cosmic tree of life=18:22(star tetrahedron:Hebrew letters)=396=3311(11:33=693) and the other 168 roots can be the 7 star tetrahedron tetractys 693=3×231

As you should know if you spin the seed of life around you form a torus, if you spin the seed of life around 4 times to form a torus:

Seed of life rotated 4 times=torus=24 circles

torus=4 seeds of life=7×4=28

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