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Time number encoding the sacred geometries of the dimensions

Updated: Apr 11, 2021


  • 14:44=1:444=444

  • 14:44=1:444=13:444=(fruit of life/cosmic tree of life):(64 tetrahedron grid)

  • 14:44=1:444=13:444=4:444=4444=1133+3311

  • 14:44=1444, √1444=38(38 is encoded in the 1133+3311 sacred geometry which is encoded in the 7 star tetrahedron tetractys which encodes the 64 tetrahedron grid)

  • 14:44=14:4:4=22(Tree of life)

The number 13(91=CTOL) is related to 7 in many ways and this is a new interesting relation they have


Zero-point God source field and dimensions:

God source or Einsof is infinity and is the infinite energy zero-point field/energy and 144 rays originate from this source and these 144 rays are the vibrational dimensions and correspond to superstrings and each ray is a tree of life(which is viewed as 4 or 5 points from the top, 4 is the prime number cross and the bases of the Kathara grid/tetractys. The universe has 144000 rays each having 5 parts so 720000 sub rays) each ray is made up of 5 sub rays each having several levels and each tree of life has 16+1 spheres and each sphere is space braided up into a quantum loops as shown in loop quantum gravity whilst the paths are strings from string theory whilst wrapped around each of the strings are the membranes from M theory and these tree of lifes twist to form the superstrings in hyperspace and information from source flows through this tree of life structure. This structure perfectly corresponds to the cosmic tree of life because it is 144 tree of lifes joined together and what's more interesting is the 4 points could be the 4 sides that surround the Sri Yantra(E8 lie group/64 tetrahedron grid)

The tetractys encodes the Kathara grid in the form of a hexagonal yod in pascals triangle and the hexagonal yod corresponds to the 7 planes which corresponds to the cosmic tree of life and the pathway of creation encoded in the tree of life which equates to 777 also when the tetractys fractals to form the cosmic tetractys the hexagonal yod of the cosmic tetractys corresponds to 7 tree of lifes(Tetractys 10 spatial dimensions) and this is interesting because 7 tree of lifes have (6×9)+10=54+10=64 sephirot! this shows a new correspondence to the 64 tetrahedron grid! now this is 7 tree of lifes, not the 8 that make up the 64 tetrahedron grid so this shows another connection between the fractal and 56 but also there are the 7 Da'at's so we need 3 more sephirot to form the 64 tetrahedron grid out of 8 (This links into Tetractys, scalar fields and 1331)


To go up an octave you have to go up 4 steps and for the first dimension it would be from point to tetrahedron to star tetrahedron to 64 tetrahedron grid(This corresponds to the four worlds and the tetractys)

There are infinite universes because all chooses happen. The collective consciousness choses which pathway to go so it chooses what happens. All these parallel realities co-exist in the same space and time but there existing on slightly different frequency levels of energy with a thin membrane separating them. Kabbalah reduces this infinity to 22 realities(Realities: Ones we are consciously connected to and aware of) and this means you have 22 aspects of yourself(Were already connected to them through the higher consciousness of spirit) and once we unite all of them we move up to the next octave(Tree of life) we then merge the 72 archetypes of the soul into one and then we move up again and then we merge the 144 archetypes of spirit and so on into the infinite multiverse.

Structure of dimensions and 56:

The 2D 7 tetrahedral tetractys is the 7 tetractys and the 7 star tetrahedron tetractys has 56 points also "you end up with a big cuboctahedron (actually vector equilibrium) also contained inside the grid of Metatron's Cube. This cuboctahedron has double edge size than the preceding one. If we were talking of music, we would say that it sounds in the next octave. This big cuboctahedron has exactly 55 vertices, and contains 56 of the 64 spheres in Metatron's Cube." this shows that metatrons cube/64 tetrahedron grid is related to 56! This also links to the looping of dimensions!

  • 15=7:8=56=7 star tetrahedron tetractys

  • 1133=19:91=7:7(49)=28:28=56=78(7:8=15)=12

Superstrings and their dimensions:

Like consciousness, superstrings can have multiple multidimensional polygons but there multidimensional polygons form:

  • The structure of the superstring

  • The vibration of the superstring

  • The vibrational dimension of the superstring

The extra dimensions in string theory have different shapes when curled up and the reason why is because of the infinite tetrahedron grid fractal.

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