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Tetractys, Frequencies and E8 Cubistic matrix

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Frequencies between 12 and 19 in a triangulart medium form the tetractys now lets work out the average:

  • 12+19=31

  • 31/2=15.5

This shows a new connection between the 10 spacetime dimensions, 12 vibrational dimensions and pascals triangle tetractys which as we know forms the doubling sequence also pascals triangle tetractys is equal to 15 so this shows another connection also the doubling sequence shows up when you double the fraction:

  • 31/2

  • 62/4

  • 124/8

  • 248/16

The number 248 is related to the E8 lie group and the 13, 31 correspondence is the last line of pascals triangle tetractys which is equal to 8 which relates it to the 8th dimension and E8 is an 8 dimensional structure so this shows a correspondence between 31 and E8 also the 19:91 correspondence is related to the 64 tetrahedron grid which is the E8 lie group.

The tetractys when formed in this triangular medium through frequencies looks like it is made out of toruses and the torus is formed out of the double seed of life which encodes the Kathara grid also the E8 lie group is a torus. The torus/sphere encases the cube and corresponds to the cube so every cube in the Cubistic matrix can be a torus/sphere. The spheres are the spheres of the Kathara grid. The tree of life in Kabbalah can actually be extended to have 12 or 13 sephirot.

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