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Cube star tetrahedron spacetime

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

The cube cross-section is a star tetrahedron shape which makes sense because the star tetrahedron can be encased in a cube and this also proves the 3D flower of life is a cube.

The cross-section lines up with the prime number cross/doubling sequence vesica pieces, the two points of the triangles and the two points of the hexagon as shown in the diagram, and it also perfectly lines up with the Kathara grid.

The triangles of the Padovan-Fibonacci spiral form the tetrahedral structure of the universe and the squares of the Padovan-Fibonacci spiral form the cubistic matrix(Cube/Sphere(Torus)) the cube structure of the universe which would be flat in 4D(flat spacetime). (The squares correspond to/form out of the doubling sequence whilst the triangles correspond to/form out of the powers of 3)

The universe can be explained as a torus because it comes out of a singularity and returns back to a singularity each slice of the torus is a slice of spacetime so it is a torus(This is what the universe would look like when its a 4D shape). As we know the torus is encoded in the star tetrahedron which is encoded in the cube and the universe is a fractaling cubistic matrix so it's like a cube. The hypercube is a 4-dimensional cube and in 3D it is like a torus as shown in the diagram so since the universe is like a torus and a cube we can turn it into a hypercube and one face of the hypercube is the universe also star tetrahedrons make up the E8 lie group which is a torus!

Each slice of spacetime in this torus is a infinite tetrahedron grid hyperbolic tiling(Which would be repersented as 2D but its actually 3D)

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