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Prime number cross E8 torus and its connection to the pentagram+hexagram and more!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

The prime number cross(PNC) can be turned into a torus, the E8 lie group(64 tetrahedron grid), which is formed out of the dodecahedron which expands out of the pentagram/pentagon, is also a torus and the torus expands out of the enneagram/fingerprint of god which expands out of the tetractys/tree of life the torus is 12 circles, the double seed of life 2 star tetrahedrons, so it actually expands out of the 10/12 tree of life and the star tetrahedron expands out of the 10/12 tree of life(Hexagonal yod).

The 2 star tetrahedrons can correspond to 2 pentagrams which form the (10) tree of life and whats interesting is the pentagram corresponds to the 5 elements and the symbols of the 5 elements can be merged to form the star tetrahedron. The 5 elements are the 5 Platonic solids which can be all merged to form metatrons cube which is a star tetrahedron(within a star tetrahedron).

The 5 Platonic solids are formed out of the 24 repeating Fibonacci numbers which add up to 108 and 108 forms the pentagram/pentagon, these 24 numbers can also form the structure of the PNC which then forms metatrons cube/64 tetrahedron grid. The 24 repeating Fibonacci numbers can expand out of the torus so they can expand out of the the enneagram/fingerprint of god, lets take a look at how 108 can expand out of the enneagram AKA 142857: 108=36:36:36=6²:6²:6²=3cubes=3³=9:9:9=27=124875(142857=1/7)

108 is the frequency of the fractaling star tetrahedron AKA the sri yantra AKA the 64 tetrahedron grid.

In my picture I show three 10/12 tree grids forming the seed of life and whats interesting is three 10/12 tree grids forms 36 sephirot and 84 lines which is interesting because 36 is formed out of 2 star tetrahedrons which forms the fruit of life/metatrons cube/64 tetrahedron grid and there are 84 Vesica piscis in the flower of life that encoded the 64 tetrahedron grid.

the 64 tetrahedron grid is constructed out of two 5 tetrahedral tetractys and the 5 tetractys corresponds to the 12 tree of life also the 5 tetractys=15, there are 7 triangles forming the bottom row of the 5 tetractys showing the 5 tetractys has a connection to the 7 tetractys and the number 7, 5 tetractys=pentagram, the pentagram forms out of the (Krystal-)Fibonacci spiral which forms out of the 10/12 tree of life so 2 pentagrams form out of the tree of life through the spiral. Another interesting thing is that 16 triangles make up the 5 tetractys and a 4 by 4 square which is 16 squares when in 3D forms 64 cubes and therefore forms the 64 tetrahedron grid also 16=7, there are 36 triangles in the 7 tetractys and 28+36=64 and 36 is the 8 tetractys and the last row of the 7 tetractys is made up of 11 triangles and 11=23=5.

The cosmic tree of life which corresponds to the cosmic tetractys is made up of 550 sephirot and 55 is the 10th Fibonacci number and the 10 tetractys and 5×11=55, the first 10 Fibonacci numbers can be placed on the tree of life with 55 being the crown. 5×11=23×11=11×11=121=4 and the 4 tetractys=10 which is interesting because the 10 tetractys is 55, the 10 tetractys made up of yods(10/tetractys) is the cosmic tetractys/tree of life.

The 10 tetractys has 55 points and when it is doubled we get the 10 star tetrahedron tetractys which has 73 points and is constructed out of 108 triangles and the 64 tetrahedron grid which is constructed out of 8 tree of lifes has 72+1 sephirot so 73 points and the hexagon of the 10 star tetrahedron tetractys has 37 points which shows the connection between 19:91(1133) and the 64 tetrahedron grid again also the 7 tetractys+9 tetractys=73 points.

The 6 tetractys is equal to 21 and the 21 tetractys is equal to 231 showing there is a connection between the 231 gates and the 6 tetractys but what makes this connection more interesting is the 6 tetrahedral tetractys has 56 tetrahedron and this shows a connection between the 231 gates and the 56 spheres of metatrons cube.

The 5(Pentagram) and 6(Hexagram/star tetrahedron) correspondence as shown above is an interesting correspondence because (10/12=)5/6=0.83 showing a connection to the infinite tetrahedron grid(-1/12) and 5+6=11 and finally the 5 tetractys+6 tetractys=36

(All this information came from previous posts on this website, I decided to go through the old posts to collect old information so I could make new posts explaining it in greater detail along with new information and I am still going through the website to get other posts to explain other stuff in more detail I am doing this because some of it is now being used on our wiki the Xen qabbalah wiki which has way more information and I suggest you go and check it out also this post will link to a future post on the wiki and I suggest you come back to this post to in the future to because I will be linking the wiki post here anyway I thank you for reading)

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