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Binary-Trinary formed out of the Fibonacci 10/12 tree grid spiral

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

The Fibonacci spiral when placed on a polar graph forms a binary sequence(doubling sequence) which forms a triangle but this binary sequence is actually a Binary-Trinary sequence because the numbers in this binary sequence are multiples of 3, this is shown in the following picture along with more information:

And as shown the Fibonacci sequence can be reduced to 1's and 0's if the 0's were possible to show meaning binary is encoded in the geometry which makes sense when you look at the Binary-Trinary.

The binary sequence can be found in higher dimensional cubes/the cubistic matrix/the tetrahedron grid fractal/flower of life as shown:

I constructed the 10/12 tree grid out of the flower of life and overlayed the Fibonacci spiral since I already showed the Fibonacci spiral can be overlayed over the 12 tree grid, it took me a few hours to try and get the Fibonacci spiral as perfect as I could and got this:

It's not perfect but if I could make a better one I would be able to.

I go into more detail about this Binary-Trinary here I have been doing research into it for a few months, I haven't been posting on the website for a while because I've been doing alot on the wiki but I will be posting on here again hopefully.

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