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3D tree of life(16 sephirot)

The 3D (Auric) tree of life has 16 sephirot which forms a 15 dimensional matrix out of a 16 matrix. The 16 matrix/hamming code fractals, all the numbers in the matrix are entangled which forms the entanglement network which is the universe, all particles are entangled, the structure of the universe and light refracted water are similar: "Water reflects the entanglement structure because its fluidity and 2 degrees of freedom mirror the properties of spacetime", this structure looks like the brain an 11+ dimensional (tree of life) structure, proof the universe has 11 spacetime dimensions? probably, "3 dimensional wave surface projecting light onto a 2 dimensional plane. 4 dimensional energy structures being projected into 3 dimensional forms.", the tree of life 16 sephirot are one face of a cube so the tree of life structure is probably 4 dimensional and this would make sense because its impossible to depict the tree of life as stated above.

The 4 dimensions form the 16 dimensional matrix through the 4 by 4 matrix, the tree of life structure is cubic and is 4 dimensional each dimension is one of the 4 worlds of the tree of life which corresponds to one of the lines of the (tetrahedral) tetractys which is the 10 dimensions within 4 dimensions, 11/12-16 dimensions within 4 dimensions so a 16 dimensional torus in 4 dimensions, this 16 dimensional torus is related to E8 the 8 dimensional torus, also each sephirot is a tree of life so the structure corresponds to the cosmic tetractys/tree of life.

Energy pathways connect all the cubes in the 4 by 4 by 4 matrix and these energy pathways form the brain-like structure of the universe.

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