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Pascals tetractys, fractals, 12 and the piano

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The 12th root of 2 forms the 12 notes of the piano and is formed out of 1/12 showing the connection between the doubling sequence and -1/12 which are both formed out of Pascals tetractys; The 12 dimensions are formed out of the 12th root AKA (-)1/12 which contains all dimensions as I have talked about before. The frequency the 12 notes/dimensions, and therefore existence, are tuned to is "Om"(AUm/AUr).

These 12 notes are divided up into 7 white and 5 black keys, this 7:5 ratio is also formed out of half of the octave (2^(6/12)=square root of 2) as 7/5, also the 10 sephirot tree of life can be divided up into 7 realms or the 5 kabbalistic worlds(4 worlds+Adam Kadmon).

The 10 sephirot tree of life is normally divided into the 4 worlds which corresponds to the tetractys 1+2+3+4 forming 10 therefore the tree of life is square based, the fractaling square/cube forms and is formed out of the tree of life, therefore when its doubled it forms a square/cube and when its doubled again (4) it forms the 12 sephirot tree of life and 12 the vector equilibrium; This forms the 10 (spacetime dimensions)/12 (vibrational dimensions) tree grid AKA 1/12. The hexagon(al yod)/seed of life(7), inside the tetractys, in (one of its) 3D (forms) is 12 the vector equilibrium (the other 3D form being the cube(cubistic matrix)) also in 2D the 12 circles expand out of 7 the seed of life forming the 12 around 1. The fractaling 10/12 tree grid cube (octahedron) is the cubistic matrix/flower of life therefore the levels of the cubes in the flower of life are the cubes in the cube octahedron/tetrahedron grid fractal.

12 circles expand out of the 7 circles of the seed of life and the seed of life in 3D, as mentioned, is the vector equilibrium 12 spheres so 12 spheres expand out of 12 spheres therefore the fractaling seed of life is 12 spheres expand out of 12 spheres infinitely therefore it forms the fractaling vector equilibrium/cube octahedron/tetrahedron grid/octaves/dimensions which is formed out of the fractaling 10/12 tree grid; The vector equilibrium 12 spheres is the torus and is therefore the 12 circle torus(double seed of life) in 2D therefore the fractaling seed of life/torus(double seed of life)'s central circle which is 1 contains 12 which forms 1/12.

Note: The 10/12 tree grid forms the fractaling 12 spheres and 1/12: "10:12=22:12=10:12:12=..." This also shows the 10 tree grid forms the 12 tree grid. This fractal is 12 rays, of light, fractaling out of the 13th ray, the center of the fractal, and this forms the tetrahedron grid(metatrons cube/fruit of life) fractal.

"Ein Sof Aur", which is infinity, is entirely formed out of 7 through 168 and 336 therefore it is formed out of the hexagonal number 169 and the star number 337 and is therefore the hexagonal numbers/flower of life/tetrahedron grid fractal. This is because the flower of life which is the hexatree(Ein Sof Aur)/cube octahedron(vector equilibrium)/tetrahedron grid fractal which is (formed out of) the (centered) hexagonal numbers 1, 7, 19, 37...(which reduce to)=1, 7, 1, 1, 7, 1, 1, 7... is formed out of "Ein" AKA 117|711 (Because 1 contains 1 which contains 7 AKA 100 contains 10 which contains 7 and vise versa) therefore through "Aur"(Om/Aum) it forms the 7 loops of base 28 AKA the seed of life which means the fractaling seed of life, which is the 1, 1, 7... sequence, which expands to form the flower of life/tetrahedron grid fractal, which is the 1, 7, 19... sequence, is manifested through the 7 loops through fractaling. The 7 loops of base 28 are formed out of and form the 27(3³) numbers/Hebrew letters(22(base 22=21 and 231 (gates)=7)+5).

Note: A seed of life with a torus as its center circle is made up of 21 circles, the 3D hexatree has 21 sephirot. One of the 3D forms of the Kabbalistic tree of life has 13 sephirot which corresponds to the 13 circles of the torus, 13 circles of the fruit of life/metatrons cube(64 tetrahedron grid), the 13 sephiroth of the hexatree and the 13 sephirot of the (2D) extended tree of life, which is within the hexatree. The torus is the spinning flower of life and is formed out of the (spinning) fractaling hexatree spiral. Also the 3³ cube is the 3rd level of the flower of life and is therefore the 12 circles expanding out of the seed of life.

The 5 additional Hebrew letters, which are actually different forms of 5 of the already existing letters, correspond to the 5 kabbalistic worlds which form the (5 pairings of the) 10 sephirot/spacetime dimensions tree of life which can be seen in 10/12=5/6; The tree of life is actually entirely formed out of (the) 7 (realms) because it is formed out of "Ein Sof Aur" therefore the tree of life corresponds to 7 and "Ein Sof Aur" corresponds to 5. The 5 additional letters are beyond the 22 letters and therefore they are beyond the tree of life and therefore correspond to "Ein Sof Aur", in the form of the 11-15 dimensions(11(Aur) 12(Sof) 13(Ein) 14(Sof) 15(Aur)), which are contained within the 5th world, "Adam Kadmon", fractally with the 4 other worlds corresponding to the tree of life. This means the trinity, "Ein Sof Aur", is divided up into 15 forming the 15 dimensions, this all corresponds to the 16(4×4) sephirot(dimension) 3D tree of life; This also shows that "Ein"(711) corresponds to the 11-15 dimensions, therefore containing "Ein Sof Aur", and infinitely fractals, dividing into 5 infinitely (meaning nothingness fractals), therefore forming the fractaling 711 AKA the fractaling seed of life(7, 1, 1, 7, 1, 1...)/flower of life(Cubistic matrix)/tetrahedron grid/hypercube which is entirely formed out of 117(711) the silver spiral which is entirely formed out of/based on 5 which is why "Ein" infinitely divides into 5.

Note: The 5 pairings therefore correspond to the hypercube. The 5 in 5/6 corresponds to/is the 5 in 7/5 whilst the 6, in 5/6, is the 6 around 1 and is therefore the 7 in 7/5. The 5 is 4 around 1 AKA the square(cube/hypercube=117) which is formed out of 4 of the 12 merging hexatrees(hexagons, 6 around 1). The 6 corresponds to the hexagon/cube and the 5 corresponds to the hypercube fractal. This also shows the connection between the 13, 15 and 16 (sephirot) dimensions within the torus/seed of life.

(The) 7 (loops) exists in the form of geometry that is based on 3, the trinity, and 6 meaning this geometry forms and is formed out of the 3:6 ratio which is binary-trinary because its a tripled(trinary/trinity) form of the 1:2(=1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64...=1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5...) doubling(binary) ratio which, interestingly, "can be split up into (1, 4, 7)=3 and (2, 8, 5)=6..." encodes the 3:6 ratio; "The 3:6 ratio forms triangles which form the seed of life so the fractaling doubling triangle forms the fractaling seed of life/hexagon and each hexagon corresponds to one of the numbers in the 3, 6, 12, 24... sequence and this forms the hexagonal numbers which forms the flower of life... the hexagon corresponds to 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5=0.142857=1/7" meaning this 3:6 ratio/fractaling triangle is the trinity which grows to form the flower of life therefore the trinity allows for the flower of life to exist.

The silver spiral forms the fractaling octagon/octagram/hypercube, therefore it is a 4D (krystal) 10/12 tree grid spiral(doubling sequence), and is formed out of the pell numbers. The pell numbers reduce to a 24 digit repeating sequence which adds up to 117, a pentagonal(5) number, and interestingly this repeating sequence is formed out of Fibonacci numbers which are multiples of 5 therefore it is formed out of a Krystal-Fibonacci 10/12 tree grid spiral (because it forms both spirals); The number 5, the pentagon/pentagram and the Fibonacci spiral/sequence are all based on/encode/formed out of phi. The krystal spiral is formed out of the √5 and the √10, therefore the krystal spiral encodes phi, because the silver spiral, which is the 4D krystal spiral, is entirely formed out of (Fibonacci numbers that are multiples of) 5 and 5 would become the √5 in the lower dimension. The dimension of the hypercube fractal, which is the dimension of spacetime, is actually formed out of the √5 also the dimension of the fractal, and therefore the fractal itself, corresponds to the 4³ cube/64 tetrahedron grid/16 (sephirot of the 3D kabbalistic tree of life) dimensions(0-15); Also the √5 and the √10 both correspond to the 10 spacetime dimensions.

Note: The octagram is formed out of the 12 tree grid, this is because the octagram/octagon is the hypercube a 4D cube/square.

The (Pascal) infinite tetractys(-1/12)/tetractys shaped flower of life/tetrahedron grid fractal is formed out of the doubling sequence/hypercubes, that are powers of multiples of 3, therefore each (hexagon/cube) level of the flower of life(hexatree) is a hypercube level. This hypercube/flower of life(Cubistic matrix)/tetrahedron grid/hexatree fractal is formed out of the hexaflor(Fibonacci spirals), meaning the (64) tetrahedron grid is based on phi proportions and each hypercube level corresponds to a Fibonacci number. The fractaling hexatree forms (12 joined hexatrees within itself which forms) the (Prime Number Cross(24 rays)) hypercube within itself, due to it being the cube octahedron fractal, therefore proving the hexatree/tetrahedron grid fractal is (formed out of) fractaling cubes/hypercubes therefore the krystal spiral and Fibonacci spiral, both lower dimensional forms of the silver spiral, merge to become the silver spiral in the 4th dimension.

The krystal spiral is binary because it forms the doubling sequence and the Fibonacci spiral is trinary because it forms the hexaflor/tetrahedron grid-flower of life fractal/fractaling hexagram/fractaling triangle; The farctaling triangle, which can be doubled to form the fractaling hexagram, doubles when it grows whilst in 3D the fractaling hexagram AKA fractaling star tetrahedron triples showing that it is formed out of binary-trinary.

Note: (the) 64 (tetrahedron grid) is the 7th doubling(1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64)

The hexatree fractal is the hypercube fractal therefore it forms the 12-hexatree(12 joined hexatrees), which forms the (PNC) hypercube, within itself which means the 12-hexatree is the dodecahedron constructed out of trees of life because the hexatree is therefore 4D and is therefore Metatrons Tetraplex(tetrahedron grid) and therefore contains the 5 cubes/dodecahedron, which correspond to 5, containing the 64 tetrahedron grids/trees of life, which correspond to 6.

It has been shown the 64 tetrahedron grid(84(28)) corresponds to and is the E8 lie group(torus)(168), which shows the 64 tetrahedron grid is based on phi proportions through the 120 and 600 cell(Metatrons Tetraplex), and it has been shown the 64 tetrahedron grid can be constructed out of the I Ching; Stephen M Phillips has shown the corresponds between the Sri Yantra and the I Ching and how they both correspond to the E8 lie group. The Sri Yantra and 64 tetrahedron grid are both fractaling star tetrahedrons therefore they are the same fractal geometry.

Note: This shows the tetrahedron grid is entirely formed out of phi and 7; Also the phi/Fibonacci spiral is formed out of 7.

The fractal infinitely grows through 117|711=1, 1, 7... and infinitely repeats 117(1, 1, 7) therefore 117(1, 1, 7) is an octave and becomes the next octave every third level of the fractal which is the tetrahedron grid, a doubling fractal formed out of octaves, which is formed out of powers that are multiples of 3. Since 117 is entirely formed out of and based on 5 that means its true form is in base 5 and 117 in base 5 is 432 therefore this fractal, the 12 notes and "Om" are entirely formed out of 432 and its octaves therefore the frequency of "Om" is 432Hz and its octaves which is the frequency of the fractal and the frequency the fractal is formed out of.

Interestingly the first octave of 432, that is a whole number, is 1×27 showing how 432(Om) is formed out of base 28(28 rays, 24 of which form metatrons cube(hypercube)/fractaling star tetrahedron(tetrahedron grid)/the fruit of life) and the 7 loops(KA RA YA SA TA AA LA).

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